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At Carlyle Hearing Center, your needs are the number one priority. From when you first step into our office to finding a personalized solution, you can expect unparalleled service and exceptional care.

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Having Trouble Hearing?

Commonly, an ear problem in the outer or middle ear is referred to as conductive hearing loss, while inner-ear problems or brain-processing difficulties are referred to as sensorineural hearing loss. These are two distinct types of hearing loss with differing treatment methods.

All treatment starts with meeting with our expert audiologist to assess your needs with a consultation and our effective 4-step hearing test process.

What Our Patients Have to Say

  • "Dr. Becky Donnelly is a great audiologist. She is knowledgeable and makes sure to share her knowledge with her patients so that they can make informed decisions and better understand what they are going through or experiencing.

    Becky doesn't seem to see just patients when they walk into her office — she sees friends and she treats them as such."


  • "Very, very courteous, very explanatory of the results after testing, and always answers your questions and never puts them off.

    Highly recommend to everyone, including veterans. She is extremely knowledgeable about the VA's policies for testing. Veteran approved!"


  • "We tried a couple of hearing aid places and were very disappointed. We made an appointment here and we were extremely impressed! Dr. Donnelly is not the typical type of doctor you find in this industry.

    During the cleaning of my devices and my ears, she ordered the software to update and fine-tune the devices and conduct a hearing test. We were treated so professionally and very kindly.

    I highly recommend this practice!"


Why is hearing protection so important?

Hearing loss happens for many reasons, one of the most common being exposure to loud noise (noise-induced hearing loss, or NIHL).

Repeated exposure to sound levels above 85 decibels (dB; the sound of an idling bulldozer) can cause permanent, irreparable hearing loss.

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Having issues with your hearing aid?

Even if you take care of your hearing aids and keep up with regular maintenance, time takes its toll on all technology, and it’s possible that yours will eventually wear out through the course of normal use.

If you’re having any trouble with your hearing aids, we’re more than happy to help you get your devices back in working order.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Is someone you love having hearing difficulties?

Even relatively mild hearing loss can seriously disrupt how we interact and connect with others. Without healthy hearing, the consequences for our health become greater, and the overall quality of life can plummet.

If no single significant event occurred that may have caused a sudden change in hearing ability, it’s typically a slow decline. There are many signs you can look for to determine if there may be an issue.

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