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Our Products

A variety of products are available. Traditional aids range from CIC instruments, (Completely In Canal), ITC (In The Canal), Full Shell, RIC (Receiver In Canal) and BTE (Behind The Ear). See pictures from Phonak or Resound. Non Traditional instruments and Assistive Listening Devices are available as well. More photos coming soon.

About Carlyle Hearing Center

Welcome to Carlyle Hearing Center. My name is Becky Donnelly. I am a doctoral level Audiologist specializing in adult hearing care with a special interest in tinnitus management. I have lived in Carlyle for several years now along with my husband and two children. My daughter says it best,

“We believe that everyone should have a chance to hear and connect with others. However, some are not blessed with this gift, and we plan to help them.”

If you are having trouble hearing and it is becoming difficult to hear conversations with family and friends, then it may be time to come see what we have to offer. We offer a full range of prices so that everyone can afford to hear again.


  • University of Arkansas, Bachelor of Science
  • Auburn University, Master of Communication Disorders-Audiology
  • Arizona School of Health Sciences, Doctor of Audiology

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